Tuesday 22 March 2011

What they did with 100 Million GPS points

We did organise the 8th edition of our Workshop for Management of Ubiquitous Communications and Services (MUCS) at PerCom. The most interesting session was a keynote by John Krumm, Senior Researcher from Microsoft Research. They did collect 100 Million GPS points in Seattle, and then did a lot of analysis with that information. From predicting routes of people, to looking into where they are over a period of time (day, week, month) to how much noise is needed to hide locations. They also did a questionnaire with their volunteers to see when and for what incentive they would give away data about their travelling.

A lot of the information from the keynote is in John's papers and presentation, which can be found at his website. He also has slides from a very similar keynote talk available here. And if you want to play with the data yourself, he even published parts of the set of 100 Million GPS Points.

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